Reality XP delivers a fully functional Terrain Awareness System for Flight Simulator per FAA standards, which works with any mesh add-on, at a very attractive price. I recommend this purchase. Ingo König, simFlight reviewer
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Discover Reality XP ST3400 XP™ TAWS simulation, which is now compatilble with Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 for the highest level of accuracy and smoothness, with a faithful reproduction: each button and knob is fully functional and performs identically to its real-world counterpart.


  • compatible with Flight Simulator 9
  • works with any terrain mesh
  • replaces any conventional RMI

What is Sandel ST3400 XP?

Pairing an incredibly bright, light-bending display with an affordable TSO’d Class A or B TAWS is pretty impressive. Packaging everything in a single 3-ATI, panel-mounted unit with TCAS, navigation and a WAAS sensor is nothing short of mind-blowing. That’s why the ST3400 TAWS/RMI has become the new standard in terrain avoidance. And that’s not to mention our wealth of features, like a pilot-friendly interface to make the ST3400 easy to use.

The ST3400 can also function as a normal Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI). This feature allows a primary and secondary navigation source, selectable from VOR, ADF or GPS/FMS. If a terrain warning occurs when running in RMI mode, it will automatically enter the terrain mode in order to give a possible rapid response to the threat.

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