The Garmin GNS 430 & GNS 530 gauges by Reality XP are in a class by themselves. They clearly have set a new standard in gauge design and are a "must have" for any serious Flight Simmer.Bert Pieké, AVSIM Sr Staff Reviewer
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What is GNS WAAS Hardware Driver?

The GNS WAAS Hardware Driver is a software module enabling the connection between the award winning Reality XP GNS 430XP/530XP WAAS simulation and a selected list of hardware devices.


customers of the GNS WAAS Hardware Driver don't have to purchase it twice for the Reality XP GNS 530W/430W V2!

Plug and Play Configuration

Driver configuration is managed with the supported products configuration options. Hardware detection is automatic. For example, the Reality XP GNS 430W/530W for X-Plane offers additional menu options to link the hardware device to the simulation software when a supported hardware is plugged into the computer.

When using the Reality XP GNS 430W/530W or the Reality XP GNS 430W/5300W Professional for Flight Simulator, the driver supports additional settings to configure and connect these gauges to the hardware.

Refer to the supported products documentation for additional configuration information.

Flexible Licensing

In purchasing a GNS WAAS Hardware Driver license, you automatically get entire control of the supported hardware, on any of the supported simulation platforms!.

For example, if you have purchased a license of the GNS WAAS 430XP for XPlane, and the GNS WAAS 530XP for Flight Simulator, a single license of the GNS WAAS Hardware Driver permits controling both GNS WAAS products in their respective simulators, on the same computer.

Key Benefits

Connecting and using a GPS control interface and the Reality XP GNS 430XP/530XP WAAS Simulation software, provide you with real tactile functionality needed for proper operation and training.

Unlike higher priced Garmin GNS CBT cd-roms, GNS Training Books and fuel burning logged time flying, GNS WAAS Hardware Driver brings higher training value to our customers, for a fraction of the price, leveraging our RealTime Training™ solutions.

Reality XP RealTime Training™ was created to challenge the current limits of simulation, training techniques and capabilities, in order to meet the needs of industries and markets that face the challenges with knowledge retention required for the performance of critical tasks.

Reality XP is making these powerful components available for solutions beyond entertainment in a very consistent move toward using serious games as training tools.

List of supported Hardware

Precision Flight Controls

  • PFC 430 Control Head Standalone
  • PFC 430 Control Head included in PFC Avionics Stack

List of supported Simulation Platforms

Laminar Research X-Plane 9

  • The Hardware Driver links the supported hardware to the Reality XP GNS 430W/530W and the Reality XP GNS 430W/530W Professional for XPlane 9.
  • A PFC driver, available separately from PFC, also permits controlling X-Plane‚Äôs default GPS.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 9/X/ESP

  • The Hardware Driver links the supported hardware to the Reality XP GNS 430W/530W and the Reality XP GNS 430W/530W Professional for Flight Simulator FSX/9 and Microsoft ESP.
  • In addition, the Hardware Driver comes in the form of a Flight Simulator Module, compatible with both FS9 and FSX, and links the default Flight Simulator GPS with the supported hardware. There is no manual setting: the driver automatically connects and links the default GPS to the first supported hardware it detects connected to the USB ports.

The license for this products is for personal use, not professional training, and permits self-paced training in the comfort of the home, not sanctioned nor monitored nor executed under the supervision of a school or training center. (only Reality XP GNS 430W/530W Professional already includes the license for the GNS WAAS Hardware Driver)