Flightline Apollo is an easily installed virtual version of the real life GPS stack. If this is a tool being used toward real life aviation, then it should be 98 out of 100. In fact, it would be an essential part of ones setup. Computer Pilot
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Discover Reality XP Flightline Apollo™ GPS simulation, which is now compatilble with Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 for the highest level of accuracy and smoothness, with a faithful reproduction: each button and knob is fully functional and performs identically to its real-world counterpart.


  • compatible with Flight Simulator 9
  • authentic simulation of the original 160x80 electro luminescent display
  • nearly 15000 airspaces worldwide
  • Comprehensive waypoint database with advanced search modes on any field
  • supports up to 200,000 user waypoints
  • complete stack including GPS, Radios and Transponder

What is Flightline Apollo?

Flightline Apollo is the industry-leading ultra-realistic simulation of the UPS Aviation Technologies Apollo GX and Slim Line series of avionics products. From the accuracy of the GPS simulation, to the extended list of features and the authenticity of its operating mode, no wonder it is also the only Flight Simulator add-on sealed with the acclaimed UPS Aviation Technologies GPS brand: Apollo

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